Window Cleaning

All work is carried out safely from the ground. No costly scissor lifts required!

David’s Pure Water Cleaning system is the sensible approach to cleaning windows.

No Fuss. No Mess

For buildings with windows from ground level to 5 stories high there is no need for lifts or harness work. All windows can be cleaned with two feet on the ground.

This means we can simply walk in, clean your windows and walk out.

No detergents or other chemicals are used. Pure water is simply applied to the window, the dirt and grit are removed and, since the water has been specially purified it just evaporates off any surface.

This means we simply wash your windows and that is it.

How It Works

The purification unit takes normal tap water. Using special purification filters and sensing equipment the water is purified to 100%. The water is applied under pressure to the window surface via a purpose built brush.

The whole process takes very little time and generally each window is only treated once.

Extension poles up to 20 meters high allow the cleaning procedure to take place wholly on the ground.