Pure Water Cleaning System

No detergents, no chemicals, just purified water. This is the most environmentally safe solution for cleaning solar panels and windows. Any water entering the environment or household water tanks is clean and safe.

No fuss. No mess!

No need for scissor lifts and harnesses. Windows can be cleaned up to 5 stories high from the ground. David's Pure Water Cleaning is a no fuss, no mess cleaning solution.

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We specialise in cleaning windows up to 5 storeys high, safely and from the ground with our unique pure water cleaning system.

How it Works

The pure water attracts the dirt and grim and locks it into the water molecules. The water then simply runs off leaving the glass clear and streak free.

The Benefits

The cleaning process does not require any chemicals or detergents, thus making it safe for the environment.

It leaves no sticky soap residue that dirt can later adhere too.

The end results are windows that are cleaning and that stay clean longer!